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Our Story

The Spear Head Spade® garden shovel was designed by 85-year old Daniel Mathieu to enable him to continue enjoying his passion for gardening.

With 2 artificial knees and 2 artificial hips, he found it increasingly difficult to dig and cultivate his garden. In fact, it was so painful he thought he would have to give up his favorite hobby.

Fortunately, he's been an inventor throughout his life. As is often the case, a basic need became the mother of invention.

Daniel decided to develop a new type of shovel that would more easily penetrate his tough New England soil.

He began with a regular shovel and gradually by taking away bits and pieces of the shovel head, he engineered a design that utilized angles and critical edges to cut through roots and penetrate rocky soils with considerably less effort.

Many trials and test runs later, the Spear Head Spade® garden shovel was born. 

Once more, he could enjoy his favorite hobby without pain and discomfort.

He discovered that many of his friends, especially lady friends, immediately appreciated the benefits of the Spear Head Spade® garden shovel. Before long, he had a list of people asking him if they could have one.  He then convinced his son, Julien, to patent it and manufacture it.

We hope you will have the opportunity to experience how the Spear Head Spade® garden shovel makes your job easier than ever before and that you will tell your friends about it.

Maybe someone who gave up gardening will find renewed hope in Daniel's invention.If so, we'd love to hear your stories!
Happy Gardening!

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