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What People are Saying

"Before when I tried to garden in the rocky soil at our little cottage I had to plant where the ground allowed.  Now with the Spear Head Spade® garden shovel , I plant easily where I want!  It is the most wonderful shovel I've ever used!    I like your product so much I just sent four as birthday gifts".   

"Your shovel is absolutely AWESOME!. We dug up an old swing set and a basketball hoop this weekend...The Spear Head Spade® garden shovel was perfect for the job.  It cut through dirt, rocks, and roots much, much easier than the old regular spade we compared side-by-side with yours.  In addition, the size of your shovel holds just the right amount of dirt--not too much and not too little--to make it easier to really scoop out and move the loosened dirt.   

“I had used Spear Head Spade™ in the fall at my church’s overgrown gardens in Manchester and also at
my daughter’s garden in Tolland. In both cases, good ole’ Spear Head Spade® garden shovel helped tremendously separating both daylilies and (most of all) Siberian Iris. UGH!
You’d have to understand that in Tolland, there are rocks guaranteed in each shovel full of soil. It’s a bear to work in Tolland gardens. Normal spades soon get dull and misshapen. However, Spear Head Spade™ went through the plant roots, soil and rocks like a trooper. I’m sure it’s the shape of the blade as well as both sides of the blade being sharpened. As I get older and my strength wanes. I’ll need it more and more.”
              —MARY ANN SARTOR

“Planting shrubs and trees in my yard used to be such a back-breaking chore, but now with the Spear Head Spade® garden shovel , the task of digging holes is so easy! The tip of the tool literally slices into the earth with very little effort, and it helps me get around annoying rocks with ease. I never even pick up my old shovel anymore. The Spear Head Spade™ has become my go-to tool whenever digging is involved. I would never want to be without it.”

" I used the Spear Head Spade® garden shovel when I planted my Christmas tree. The amount of rocks, roots and dense dirt was unbelievable.
Spear Head Spade® garden shovel went through all of it without a problem. I planted my tree in no time and it was a breeze. I highly recommend this shovel."

"The Spear Head Spade® garden shovel was light-weight and didn't strain my arms or back. It cut through different types of soil without any difficulty. When compared to other shovels I use regularly, it did a better job slicing through the soil. The handle was comfortable to grip - it didn't hurt my hands to hold during use and it cleans up easily." 

"We are avid gardeners and our Spear Head Spade® garden shovel is invaluable, especially when transplanting flowers and plants. It allows us to dig deeply, without damaging roots, as well as lift the 'entire' plant out of the ground."
- Theresa and Leo Vezina

"I love that Spear Head Spade® garden shovel ....
1) I have sedum to divide, cape cod wild roses, daylilies, and peonies to split this spring; 2) To dig up my grass and transplant my 'Rose of Sharon' bushes; 3) I think my neighbor needs one since she borrowed my

"I love the shovel! MAKES ME FEEL 10 YEARS YOUNGER. So easy to cut through roots and also pry up rocks."
                           - SANDY DAIGLE
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